Voice-enhancing microphone import to UAE

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Birleşik Arap Emirlikleri fiması Kuran dinletisi programları için özel mikrofon 20.000 adet satın almak istiyor
Voice-enhancing microphone import to UAE
This is some information on the product:
The microphone will be used to create a studio effect, specifically for the recitation of Quran and the delivery of speeches. We intend to create a global brand targeted at a niche market that has yet been untapped. The main features of the voice-enhancing microphone will be:
Noise cancellation
Equalization (a specific equalization profile that we will submit)
Auto-tune (Also known as pitch correction)
It does not matter to us if the above features are implemented as “digital enhancements” OR are the result of some physical microphone technology OR a combination of both. The microphone will also be sold together with a head-phone and so perhaps some of the hardware can be fit into the headphone part of the product. The product will be marketed as “affordable luxury”, therefore we can afford to pay a decent cost price.
We will order in batches. In the first batch we will order between 20,000 – 50,000 pieces.