Underwear private label production request from Greece

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Yunanistan’da mukim olup iç giyim, çorap ve spor giyim çeşitleri üretimi yapmakta olan bir firma kendileri için fason olarak erkek iç giyim üretebilecek Türk firmalar aramaktadır.
Underwear private label production request from Greece
We are a manufacturing and commercial company based in Greece, Athens. Our range includes underwear, socks, sportswear.
We have an outstanding position in the local market with presence in more than 700 points of sales, all throughout the country,
in department’s stores, specialized retail shops etc. We also export in central European countries, such as France, England, Belgium and others.
You can have an idea of our products visiting our site.
We look forward, to establish a relationship with an underwear manufacturer/supplier for producing men’s uw for our collection.
Should have, know how for high quality cotton elastan and 100% cotton products, dedication for a long term, reliable cooperation. 
If you are interested in such cooperation, please contact us, at [email protected]