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İran’da mukim siyah çay tedarikçisi büyük bir firma ürünlerinin pazarlamasında kullanılmak üzere kare ve dikdörtgen baskılı lüks teneke kutular satın almak istediklerinden bahisle talep ettikleri kutulara ait teknik detayları mesajında beyan etmiştir.
This is Aida, the commercial manager of *****group in Iran.
We are a leading supplier of Black tea in Iran.
Therefore, we are searching for 3 different sizes of a square or rectangular tins for our luxury brand.
Please note that we need an inside lid as well (look at the attached tea lid file), and our brand should be carved on the body.
The required volume is about 466 cm3 (it can be 7x7x9.5 or other sizes) for our 100gr tea 2000 pcs, 810 cm3 (it can be 9x9x10 or other sizes) for our 200 gr tea 2000 pcs, 1554 cm3
(it can be 10.5×10.5×14 or other sizes) for our 450 gr tea 2000 pcs.
please make sure that the volume is important for us and it shouldn’t be less than those.
We would be obliged if you can quote your best prices FOB or CIF Iran.
Also, we would like to know the quality of your printing tins. We need  Is it possible to send us samples?
I have attached a sample of candidate tin as well.
best regards