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Hırvatistan’da masa ve sandalyeler örtüleri tasarım ve dikimi yapmakta olan bir firma ihtiyaç duydukları muhtelif kumaş çeşitleri için Türk tedarikçiler aramaktadır.
To whom it may concern,
I am very much interested to get an offer.
To begin with I am searching for variety of textile table and chair clothing for weddings.
On the long run I would love to be able to cater the needs of congress & catering events in the Dubrovnik region.
I have very specific inquiry from a client so I would need you to give me an offer based on patterns, materials and a price quote of course.
Table diameter 180 – 200 cm, height standard (approx 90 cm).
Tables are round and clothing should be full length to the floor and in one piece.
I understand price would vary with the kind of material and or pattern and quantity
but I would appreciate if you could form for me several offers based on this dimensions.
According to your offer I would like an offer for matching chair clothing.
Chair model (for dimension reference ) like used on most of the catalogues of congress chairs.
Apart of that I would like to know textile sewing limitations.
In other words are there max length and width that can be sewed from one piece?
For your reference price formed should be franco Dubrovnik but you may highlight the price without delivery
so I may see what is the most economical solution for me.
If you have PDF catalogues that are primarily linked to catering and or weddings I would love to get them all so I may present product better.
In addition I am interested to have real samples if possible for chair clothing, table clothes and napkins
so I may establish a show room. Dimensions for chairs and tables can be used as given above.
I am interested also in muflons and curtains in the case given dimensions cannot be achieved and sewed from one piece
and in the case I need it for chairman table and or buffee.
Thank you very much in advance