Suudi Arabistan, Ketçap ithal etmek istiyor

Sosyal Paylaşım:

Farklı hacimlerde domates ketçapı kendi etiketimizle ürettirmek istiyoruz.
We are interested in making business regarding tomato ketchup product. We want to import your tomato ketchup under our brand. Sizes (90g, 450, 1000g).

Suudi Arabistan’da mukim büyük bir gıda tüccarı firma, Türkiye’den kendi markaları adına farklı ambalaj hacimlerinde ketçap ürettirmek istediklerini belirterek, ilgilenen üreticilerden fiyat teklifleri talep etmektedir.
Dear Sir /Madams
XXXXXXXX House Trading Est. is a leading organization in the field of import and export of many selected superior food products.
Basically we are dealing in Spices, Tea, Juice and canned legumes imported from different parts of the world.
We have wide network distribution channels covering all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arab with skillful and outstanding sales team.
In the other hand we export presently to Yemen and Bahrain and we are looking for the opportunity to open in UAE and Kuwait.
At the present time we are agency of many brands such as Alkbous (Tea), Seven Star (Evaporated Milk, Legumes and Juice) ,
Mazara (Evaporated Milk) , Girl (Ghee) , moreover we have our own brand (Akwador) under this brand we got Tuna , coffee , Cashew . Saffron and other products.
This is a brief information about our Est.
We are interested in making business with you regarding your tomato ketchup product .
We want to import your tomato ketchup under our brand. Sizes (90g, 450, 1000g)
Therefore we are looking at receiving a detailed quotation with your specifications and your best price C&F Jeddah Port.
Waiting for your reply, and looking forward for a long term business relationship with your esteemed company.