Surinam, Testere ağzı bileme diskleri ithalat talebi

Sosyal Paylaşım:

Ahşap hizarı testere ağzı bileme diskleri ithalatı yapmak istiyoruz.
We are interested to receive quotation for Sharpening disc for Band Saw blades.

Surinam’da ahşap hizarları ve testere bıçakları satan bir firma, Türkiye’den testere ağzı bileme diskleri satın almak istediklerini yayınladıkları mesajda deklare etmiştir.
Dear Sirs,
Our company is supplier of Woodworking machine, Saws and Tools, is the main supplier of Suriname.
We are interested to receive quotation for the following products:
Sharpening disc for:
Woodworking Band Saw blades. Narrow and Wide.
Gang Saw Blades, usually made of Chrome Vanadium.
Circular Saw Baldes, Tungsten Carbide Tipped.
We use for Band saw blade,
code: A 60 N6V –Color Grey Made of Aluminum Oxide
AA 46M6V _Color White Made of refined Aluminum Oxide.
Do you have European or American code ??
On band saw blades , we also use stellite tipping.
Further , we use Bi color grinding disc, Dark brown and White disk.
The dark brown thin side is very hard and the wider white side, is softer.
Please advise.
Diamond sharpening disc:
We need for grinding :
Carbide circular saw teeth, Profile cutters , Carbide tipped Plaining knives.
Please mail full selection guide, of the models you sell, also CBN wheels.