Step-down Transformers buying RFQ from Serbia

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Kuzey Afrika’daki bir petrol sahası projesi için 20 ad güç trafosuna ihtiyaçları olan bir Sırbistanlı firma vermiş olduğu teknik özelliklere göre fiyat teklifi talep etmektedir.
Step-down Transformers buying RFQ from Serbia
Dear Gentlemen,
For a project we are working on at oilfields in North Africa, we need transformers with specifications given in the following text.
Would you please be so kind to inform us are you capable of manufacturing this kind of transformers and to let us know as soon as possible can you send us your quotation and until when.
Specifications are the following:
Step-down Transformer
Nominal power 700kVA
Primary voltage 33kV
Secondary voltage 480V/480V (340kVA/340kVA)
Tertiary voltage 400V (20kVA)
Winding connection Ynd11/YNy0/YNyn0
Application: power supply for 12-pulse rectifying frequency converter
Ambiental temperature 50C
Cooling ONAN
Step-up Transformer
NOminal power 650kVA
Primary voltage 480V
Secondary voltage 750 to 3500V in 25 taps no-load change
Winding connection Ynd1-Dd0
Application: output of the frequency converter PWM with sine-wave filter, frequency range 30-70Hz, U/f nearly constant ratio.
Ambiental temperature 50C
Cooling ONAN
Requested quantity is 10 of each.
If you need additional information, we remain at your disposal. Your quick reply will be highly appreciated.