Steel Pipes DN500 for Potable Water Required in Belgium

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Belçika’dan iletişime geçen bir firma su isale hatlarında kullanılmak üzere DN500 PN25 ölçüsünde boru ve bağlantı parçaları için fiyat teklifi talep etmektedir.
Steel pipes DN500 for potable water required in Belgium
Dear Sirs,
Could you please give us your best price for Delivery of DN500 steel pipes for potable water sercive pressure PN25 and the alternative with PN16 if the safe cost is interesting? Specifically steel pipes shall dimensionally conform to SSRN 210 and SSRN 228 and in terms of materials, properties and tests to SSRN 213, and where appropriate SSRN 203;
Fitting ends for use with flexible couplings shall be true ended with the ends appropriately prepared for the type of coupling required.
Joints for site welding shall comprise a socket and special spigot (bell joint with air chamber) to SSRN 244 such that the lining of the spigot shall be undamaged during the welding; The Contractor shall demonstrate that the thickness and steel grade provided in accordance with SSRN 228 gives a
thickness adequate for the pressure calculated in accordance with SSRN 267.
Waiting to your answer ASAP