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Macaristan’da güvenlik sistemleri, kapalı devre kamera sistemleri, turnike sistemleri ve iletişim sistemleri konularında faaliyetleri bulunan bir firma bu bahsettiği alanlarda bayilik alabileceği Türk firmalardan teklifler beklediklerini beyan etmiştir.
Dear Product Manager,
My name is Kinga *****, representative of ***** Co., LTD. incorporated company.
We have examined your websites and we are interested in Turkish products.
If you have not distributor in Hungary, then we would like to start business with you.
Our company is situated in Central-Europe, exactly in the middle of Europe, in Hungary at Budapest,
which is the capital of the country. Delton is the most purposeful importer of Security systems,
CCTV, Access controls, Doorphones, Gate automation equipments and Telecommunication devices as well as many other products in Hungary.
In our area we have many thousands of contractual reseller partners, who continuously purchase from us and they resell our products.
Our country is situated exactly in the middle of Europe, therefore we can very easy supply at low cost everywhere and free of duty.
We are exclusive representative of many manufacturers. We invest much in advertisement for popularize the products.
We have an excellent marketing staff and professionally experienced technicians for the support.
Our team is working efficiently to accomplish and maximize the selling and to provide technical support.
We constantly organize product presentations and technical trainings as well as attend all exhibitions in the field of our specialty.
We are a very well known company on the market, your products will get dynamism sold by us.
We are at service of every enterprise, traders, dealers, distributors, hypermarkets, wholesalers, shops, department stores
and technicians in whole Hungary’s territory and a lot of them are all over the Europe too.
We are looking for new products, new business. We would like to build a permanent partnership,
a constant collaboration with a reliable partner, whom products are continually and certainty available.
We would like not only a few purchase, but a well prepared, extensive, successfully developing, continuous business relationship.
Are you the prime manufacturer of the products?
Do you have any partners, distributors in Hungary?
Please be kind to send a price list, by e-mail, with the best prices exclusively for importers.
We are interested in all your products, which you constantly produce.
Send also a latest catalogue, please.