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Romanya’da ambalaj malzemeleri imalatı yapmakta olan bir firma bir müşterilerini talebi olan lamine folyolu kompleks malzemeden üretilmiş torbaya ihtiyaçları olduğunu, bunu kendileri üretmedikleri için aylık düzenli olarak kendilerine bu ürünü tedarik edebilecek Türk üreticilerden fiyat teklifi talep etmektedir.
For 21 years our company produces flexible packaging.
We have a request from one of our customers for a type of packaging (sacks) of complex materials, which we can not achieve it.
It is a bag with size of 970 mm x 1310 mm, the materials are:
polyester (PET) film 12 microns (on the outside) + aluminum (AL) 9 microns (center) + polyethylene (PE) 50 microns (on the inside).
The bags will be used in the drug industry, which is why we have to provide certificates showing that the interior of these bags can come into direct contact with the products.
The initial amount requested by the client is 6,000 units / month, ensuring that it will be substantially increased in future periods.
We trust your offer.