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İran’da otomobil motorları için soğutma sistemleri üreticisi bir firma imalatlarında kullanılmak üzere kaliteli Poliamid mühendislik plastik hammadde aylık düzenli olarak ithal etmek istediklerini ve tedarikçiler aradıklarını beyan etmiştir.
Hereby I would like to have the opportunity to Introduce ***** Co. in Iran
as one of the most famous and top manufacturers of Automobile Engine Cooling System with more than 30 years brilliance background in Iran
and the high capability and standards of our company has made us the  no. 1 manufacturer and supplier of Automobile Radiator to the most famous OEM in Iran (  Irankhodro & Saipa ) .
Also you shall be aware of  the high consumption of the polyamide which we use for our Automobile Radiator Plastic Tanks
and our average orders are always in the highest point with minimum of 96 MT per month continuously
and we strongly believe that the supplier which gets the chance to cooperate with us will have the most advantage of this point
for the highest possible mutual business cooperation which will be long lasting and most fruitful business.
As you are already aware of the new situation in Iran,
we can assure you that the new doors have been opened for Iran Business Foreign Negotiations as the sanctions are being removed against Iran and you could see the outcome of this action gradually.
Of course by achieving this goal, it will be obvious that the Foreign Business Trade will be increased by a great deal
and we hope we could start our Mutual Business Cooperation in near future.
For start you are kindly requested to offer us your P/I for  24 MT of Polyamide for our reference with the following specification:
(PA66 / NA 40 / 30 % Glass Fibre / BK)
Hydrolysis and Heat Stabilized
Used for Automobile Radiator Plastic Tank in Hot Water & Ethylene Glycol
Also Provide us with complete TECHNICAL DATA SHEET for our requested Polyamide ( Physical , Thermal, Mechanical , and Electrical Properties )