Ready Kitchens to import to Pakistan

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Pakistan’da ev, ofis, otel gibi her çeşit yapının iç dekorasyon ve döşemesini proje bazlı yapmakta olan bir firma Türkiye’den hazır mutfak üreticileriyle görüşmek istemektedir.
Ready Kitchens to import to Pakistan
We want to import kitchens from Turkey to sell in Pakistan.
**** has brought the best international Brands from Europe and Turkey from planning, designing, delivery and installation with best craftsmanship.
With a portfolio that includes Hotels, Hospitals, Homes, penthouses, commercial, retail, and office developments and a vast product range not limited to Tiles, furniture, wall, flooring, sanitary ware, mixers.
**** has been the leading brand in the World and proudly Launching in Pakistan.
Inspired design, fresh thinking and the highest values are at the core of **** ‘s ongoing success.