Production Line for Elevator Guide Rail request

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İran firması 50.000 ton/yıl kapasiteli asansör rayı üretim hattı anahtar teslim kurulum talep ediyor
Production Line for Elevator Guide Rail request
we need a full production line for Elevator Guide Rail.
By the way, we need T shape elevator guide rail from T50/A, T45/A ,T70/A . Also we want the line to be for 50,000 t/y for a type of T50/A.
The length of T guide rail has to be 5m. Our raw materials are produced from hot rolling.
please send us the price and specifications of the line in general and each machine seperately, and It also shows the flow chart of its production process from beginning to end in the cold Drawn method. Or tell me if a company in Turkey owns elevator production machinery.
I hope we have the chance to cooperate with you.
 I am looking forward to your response.