Plastik izolasyon membran almak istiyor

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Plastik izolasyon membran almak istiyor
We need to buy 296.000 m2 High density polyethylene impermeable
Ürdünden iletişime geçen bir firma 296.000 m2 miktarda HDPE plastik izolasyon membran almak istediğini ve tedarikçiler aradığını beyan etmiştir
Dear Sir,
Good Day
First we would like here to express our concerns in your company productions and would like also to introduce ourselves as ALIS National Petroleum Investment Ltd. an engineering contracting company deals with infrastructure project.
Glad to communicate with your esteemed company and forward  our inquiry to supply attached RFQ .
Subject : High density polyethylene impermeable
QTY : 296, 000 m²
We looking forward to  your technical and commercial quotation.