Pistachio and Almond Purchase Request from China

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ABD krizi sonrası rotasını Türkiye’ye çeviren ülkelerden biri olan Çin’den iletişime geçen bir firma Türkiye’den Antep fıstığı ve badem almak istediğini beyan ederek tedarikçiler aramaktadır.
Pistachio and almond purchase request from China
Hello, Sir,

I hereby write to you for pistachios and almond procurement.

**** Food, focusing on wholesale business in Chinese domestic market, has own factory in Maoming, the center of tree nuts factory and office in Yide Road, Guangzhou, the colleting and distributing center of dried fruit & nuts, please browse our website for details.

Kindly give your response if interested in long term business cooperation by large scale, better with the introduction of
your company.