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Rusya’dan irtibata geçen bir firma Orta Doğu bölgesindeki sondaj çalışmalarında kullanılmak üzere petrol sondaj makineleri ve sarf malzemeleri satın almak istediklerini, tedarikçiler aradıklarını beyan etmiştir.
Dear Sir!
The company ***** Company, established in Abu Dhabi, UAE,
is looking for a potential strategic partner for the manufacture and delivery of the Petroleum Drilling Rigs for supplying to the market of Midlle East and Nord Africa (MENA).
We want to sign a long term contract with the manufacturer.
Please provide the certification according to the standards for the finished products, and their expiration dates.
The commercial offer should be by CIF terms, in a port of UAE, and should specified per one Petroleum Drilling Rig set, ready to shipment,
in accordance with the international standards. Also the cost of installation and commissioning. 
Please send all the commercial offers