Sosyal Paylaşım:


Özbekistan’da ev kimyasalları imalatçısı firma, kişisel bakım kozmetikleri üretmeyi planladıklarını, hammadde ve formülasyon verebilecek tedarikçiler aradıklarını beyan etmiştir.
Dear Sir/Madam
I am a supply assistant of *****, our company is located in Uzbekistan and its activity based on production of toilet soaps and cleaning detergents under 190SKU.
Our company specializes in large and small wholesale supply of home care products throughout Tashkent and regions of the country, known under the brand “*****”
This year we are going to enter to cosmetic market.
We are highly interested in OEM Corporation with you.
Our “2017-2018” project includes following products,
  1. Face, Body and Hand cream – We need raw materials with formula
  2. Body lotion – we need raw materials with formula
  3. Shaving foam – we need raw materials with formula
  4. Shaving gel – we need raw materials with formula
  5. Liquid foundation cream (including BB/CC) OEM
  6. Face powder (two-way cake) – we need OEM
  7. Hair dye – we need OEM production or we need raw materials with formula depends to the cost
If you mention what kind of products from the above list you can produce, we will send you our research study with full requirements.