Mozzarella Cheese Regular Import Inquiry from Georgia

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Gürcü bir müşteri pizzada kullanmak amacıyla aylık 8 ton civarında mozarella peyniri ithal etmek istediğini belirterek Türk üreticilerden fiyat teklifi talep etmektedir

Mozzarella Cheese regular import inquiry from Georgia


I hope everything is on your side
I’m looking for the mozzarella to make pizza for a bakery
required fat content 45-50%, shelf life 4-6 months at least a minimum of 5-8 tons per month,
as well as a freight to the ports of the Republic of Georiga Poti or Batumi or if in the van for the city of Kutaisi, zip 4600
Please provide a sample of cheese 0.5 kg shipping option also to us
if possible, send an offer in English
I hope to receive your perfect answer soon