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Amerika’da mukim kamyon ve kamyon yedek parçaları toptancısı firma Amerikan kamyonlarının yedek parçaları üretimi yapabilecek Türk tedarikçiler aradıklarını beyan etmiştir.
***** Export USA American Truck Engine Parts Manufacturers
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My name is Aaron ****, I’m with **** Export USA, LLC. We’re based in Rockville, Maryland and Miami, Florida. Our company exports wholesale truck and auto parts to Latin America and the Caribbean. Since we have broad experience in this field, and an important number of wholesale customers with tremendous order volume and frequency potential, we are in the process of developing our own brand of parts for MACK and other American trucks
In this regard, we look forward to establishing a commercial relationship with top-quality, reliable and very competitive suppliers to manufacture parts to be distributed in Latin America and the Caribbean. Therefore, we would kindly like to enquire about FortPro’s products.
In case you are interested in this potential business partnership, initially we would appreciate knowing the range of products you distribute and. All information you might want to share is entirely welcome.
For more information about us, we invite you to visit our website.
Thank you very much in advance for your highly appreciated time and assistance.
Kindest Regards,