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Afganistan’da mukim lojistik ve ithalat faaliyetleri olan firma Türkiye’den motor yağları ithal etmek istediklerini belirterek toptan fiyat talep etmektedir.
Dear Sir,
We offer a wide range of Logistics products within Afghanistan. It offers logistics facilities; like supply of heavy duty vehicles to light duty vehicles, supply of construction materials, procurement of agriculture implements, supply of all kind of food items, furniture, auto parts, specialty, and medical, building supplies, home appliances, Office stationery, IT equipments, industrial building products, specialty metals, and beverages, paper, food and drug, and plastics products. We provide our clients the latest stuff with the best quality from within Afghanistan or from across the world
I hope you are doing fine, please give rate for the following for High quality engine oil SAE 20W60 API SF/CD:
12×1 Ltr Tin Pack                                                             
6×3 Ltr  Tin Pack                                           
6×4 Ltr Tin Pack                                            
1×20 Ltr Plastic Can                                        
1×25 Ltr Plastic Can                                         
Steel Drum 1×208 Ltr
Plastic Can 4×7 Ltr
Tin Pack 4X6 Ltr
Tin Pack 5 X 4 Ltr
Tin Pack 5 X 5 Ltr
Tin Pack 24 X 1 Ltr