Lighting items, Lamps import inquiry from Slovakia

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Slovakya’da mukim aydınlatma ürünleri, lamba ve avize çeşitleri ile elektrik tesisat malzemeleri toptan ve perakende satıcısı büyük bir firma Türkiye’den bu konularda düzenli çalışabileceği tedarikçi firmalar aramaktadır.
Lighting items, Lamps import inquiry from Slovakia
Name:  Marcel Opavský
Phone : +421903274471
E-Mail: [email protected]
Company:  Odis Studio S.r.o.
Country: Slovakia
Finding manufavturer and supplier of lighting, lamps, wall lamps, pendant lamps, electro accessories, lamp holders, rosettes, wires…
We have a range of quality, historic, industrial, retro, modern and luxury lights to illuminate your business or household.
We offer stylized lighting in the form of retro bulbs and a variety of lighting accessories available to you for easy, carefree and fast delivery around the world.
We are currently dispatching shipments all over the world.
We can deliver your goods anywhere at reasonable prices.
Customer service and feedback are of paramount importance to us.
We love our products and our customers, so we want you to love us just as we do.