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Kuveyt’te tarım ürünleri ticareti yapan ülkenin en büyük taze ürün ithalatçısı konumunda olan bir firma Türkiye’den yaş sebze meyve çeşitleri ve kiraz ithal etmek istediklerini beyanla ilgilenen firmalardan C&F fiyat teklifleri talep etmektedir.
Please note that our company is XXXXX Agro for General Trading Co.
Our main objective is to be the biggest importer of fresh Produce in Kuwait.
Our current customers are the retail companies in Kuwait, Carrefour, LuLu, Geant, TSC Stores as well as some franchised brand.
For more details about our company, you may visit our website
We have the pleasure to have you in our portfolio as a business partner and we’ll be contacting you soon for more details.
We will appreciate getting latest prices for kale family fresh fruits, vegetables and cherries from Turkey (C & F prices to Kuwait Airport) for our review at regular intervals.
Also shall highly appreciate if you can send us seasonal calendar as well for your quoted items.
Also let us know whether you will be visiting any fresh food/trade shows so we can meet there.
For any query, feel free to contact me.
Many thanks & best regards,