Kraft Liner Corrugated Board to Import to Libya

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Süt ürünleri çeşitleri, dondurma, meyve suyu çeşitleri imalatı yapmakta olan bir Libyalı firma ambalaj malzemesi olarak oluklu karton ve kağıt çeşitleri toptan düzenli olarak ithal etmek istemektedir.
Kraft Liner Corrugated Board to import to Libya
Dear Sir/madam,
We are **** Company for food industries located at Misurata Libya; we would not exaggerate if we said that we are number one in Libya when it comes to food making.
We are currently looking for a new suppliers a new cardboard manufacturer that can fulfil our needs.
We need kraft liner corrugated board for our main products, which are; yogurt, ice cream, Laban, juice, cheese, oil and milk.
We are looking for different shapes (boxes, separators, pads, etc.) and sizes of cardboard, which we use for packaging mainly
We consume around 61 million pieces of cardboard per year.
We went throughout your website and saw your products therefor we see potential in your company
So if you are interested in dealing with us please reply so we can give you more details about the board we need and to discuss prices, numbers and dates
Thank you very much
We are waiting to hear from you soon