Sosyal Paylaşım:


Yunanistan’da mukim bir grup şirketinin yetkilisi çelik kutu profil çeşitleri satın almak istediklerini belirterek listesini verdiği ürünleri için fiyat teklifi talep etmektedir.
Dear Sir/Madame,
I am contacting you from behalf of our esteemed group of companies, namely, XXXXX S.A. and XXXXX Pipeworks S.A. in Greece.
I am interested into sourcing material of pipes and hollow sections in qualities S235JR. S275JR and S355JR as well as pipes with threaded ends.
Therefore, I would highly appreciate If I could get a quote from you regarding the following inquiry
as well as potential obtain a products catalogue/brochure of yours as to better understand your capabilities.
The inquiry if as follows in S275JR.
Please note that the small tonnages listed bellow if not stocked we understand cannot be produced thus quote
whatever you have the ability to quote provided that total tonnage could fit in a container or even better via bulk vessel.
S275JR sections and/or S355JR.
40x40x4 – 1600kg
80x80x5 – 51,132kg
100x100x4 –  523 kg
140x140x4 – 731kg
140x140x5 – 792kg
200x200x6 – 4000 kg
60x40x4 – 614kg
120x60x4 – 1168 kg
120x80x5 – 1336 kg
120x100x4 – 321 kg
120x100x5 – 586 kg
140x80x8 – 9200kg
140x100x4 – 1471 kg
160x80x5 – 1074kg
180x100x6 – 400kg
200x120x5 – 584 kg