Injection Mould/Tooling for Plastic Housings Needed in Bulgaria

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Bulgaristan’da çeşitli sektörler için elektronik ürün çözümleri üreten bir teknoloji şirketi yeni tasarlayacakları elektrik sayaçları ve para sayma makinelerinin üretiminde kullanılacak plastik enjeksiyon kalıplarını üretebilecek Türk firmalar aradıklarını belirtmiştir.

Injection Mould/Tooling for Plastic Housings needed in Bulgaria


Dear Sir,
Dear Madam,
My name is Rumyana, I am writing to you on behalf of company **** Technology Ltd. and would like to take the opportunity to introduce in brief our group.
We are a leading developer and manufacturer of electronic solutions with various applications.
The main products are electronic static electricity meters and fiscal systems for controlling the turnover of companies and shops, as well as fiscal cash registers, fiscal printers, electronic scales.
Our products are highly appreciated both on the Bulgarian and international markets.
Our company main units are based in Bulgaria, where our headquarter is located, and in Southeastern China city of Huizhou where we have an office to source electronic components, products and services.
For our cash registers and energy meters projects we need to find and cooperate with tooling & plastic injection molding suppliers in Turkey, companies which are professionals in large size plastic injection mould making which can provide custom mould design and manufacturing services.
We’ll be waiting for your soon answer.