Helicopter importing to Egypt

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Mısırlı müşteri gökyüzü dalış sporu için helikopter satın alacak
Helicopter importing to Egypt
we would like to buy helicopter  please follow the requirements in details:
It will be used for skydiving  game
So it is used for skydiving operation
We are working on a new investment for skydiving in KSA, therefore we need a complete offer for the helicopter used for that type of game
Need 8 sets in one plane
Please recommend for us right model
This is for KSA country, to Jeddah
If you have ready price lists , please send me and add your contact details on
If not, please send me catalogers for all your products then will check what I need exactly
We are realizing that you are a professional supplier of machines, and can recommend for us the right model which match our requirements
Need mail to show these points please:
let me know the terms for shipping to Jeddah in KSA
what is needed time for that for shipping ?
also, what is needed cost for shipping to Jeddah port ?
The max height that the plane can reach
How many person can load?
it is new or used?
Those models made in which country ?
Your esteemed company are the maker of those models? or you are a trading company for the planes made by another companies?
Those models made in which year ?
You are welcome for contacting by :