Gökdelen dış cephe kaplama malzemeleri satın alınacak

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Birleşik Arap Emirlikleri’nde inşa edilmekte olan 2 ad gökdelenin dış cephe kaplamasına kullanılmak üzere 17.000m2 porselen malzeme ve sabitleme malzemeleri satın alınacaktır.
External wall facades 17.000sqm needed in United Arab Emirates
Dear Sir,
I’m Engineer Rashad, business development manager for **** Cont. Co. in UAE.
We are building & towers main contractor in UAE from 40 years.
We just begin executing 2 towers in Dubai/ JVT as main contractor, we have external wall facades of about 17,000 M2 to be covered with porcelain.
We are looking for ventilated external porcelain for it, that can be fixed by hidden dry fixing accessories (no glue is allowed) with economic price.
If you have this system, please send to me details and photos for the fixing method with porcelain available size and specifications.
Quantity: 17,000 m2.
Thickness: 16-20 mm.
Tile dimension: open.
Fixing system: dry mechanical fixing.
Best Regards,