Geotextiles offer request from Kosovo

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Kosova’da bir holding bünyesinde faaliyetlerini dürdürmekte olan bir firma Türkiye’den geotekstil malzemeler ithal etmek istediğini belirterek Türk tedarikçiler aramaktadır.
Geotextiles offer request from Kosovo
Dear Sir/Madam,
My name is Fatos, I’m in charge of purchasing department within XXXXX part of *****.
We are seeking a potential partner related to Geotextiles products, and a reply from your side would be highly appreciated.
Please find below a brief introduction of our group, also you can find attached our full company presentation:
***** is a nexus of companies oriented towards production and trading of products and services in the construction industry for professionals and ordinary consumers.
With 18 years’ experience, *****  is a leader in its respective industry.
In our midst, we have gathered best professionals in the industry, which, along with utilization of advanced technology, has caused our products and services to be of a superior quality.
Our costumer-care service, exact identification of their needs and our genuine commitment towards their requirements has made us their first choice.
*****  is strategic partner and associate of most local and international companies that operate in market.
In its business umbrella *****  includes 4 companies:
  • ***** (parent company)
  1. a) Real estate
  2. b) Engineering consultancy and project development.
2.1  Mineral LLC (Asphalt, concrete and gravel production)
2.2  XXXXX Block (Clay blocks)
2.3  Polar Light (LED technology light bulbs)
  • XXXX (Constructing material market chain)
  • XXXXX ACADEMY (Professional high school)
XXXX set about in July of 2009 as a service unit within parent company AL TRADE ltd. Since then, by means of complex development projects,
we became the main supplier in construction material market. Now XXXX operates independently within *****
By introducing an inclusive product sales concept (All-in-one-place) XXXX revolutionized construction material sales in Kosova.
Associated with a professional service, this sales concept enabled a meaningful change for clients and community.
XXXX is distributor of many global brands which are considered leaders in their respective industry.
This vast variety of products, along with reasonable prices, makes our company one of the most appealing in the market.