Foldable tents and fabrics to export to Czech Republic

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Çekya’da etkinlikler için çadır ve tente kurulumları organizasyonları yapan bir firma Türkiye’den katlanır çadır tente ve bunların kumaşlarını ithal etmek istemektedir.
Foldable tents and fabrics to export to Czech Republic
Hello, I am looking for supplier of folding tents and fabrics – printed and non printed (preferably with PU coating and B1). marek mikulka
We are a professional company with more than 15 years experience in development, sourcing, design and production of high quality outdoor and indoor presentation equipment.
Our portfolio includes customers from single racers in national amateur championships and small local businesses to big brands like
F1H2O – world superclass power boats teams, BMW, Rally Dakar, Heineken, Budweiser Budvar and many others.
In our portfolio you will find foldable tents, pneumatic tents , flags and banners, furniture, we can offer catalogue items as well as tailor made products.
Our customers enjoy a full-service from the first consultation till the delivery to the agreed delivery place.