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Finlandiyalı bir firma Türkiye’den jimnastik, yoga, fitness vb spor kıyafetleri ithal etmek istediklerini ve kendi markaları için fason spor kıyafetleri üretebilecek firmalar aradıklarını beyan etmiştir.
Dear Manufacturer!
We are very interested in importing sport clothing (gym wear) from Turkey to Finland.
We are looking for manufacturer(s) that is able to provide us with quality gym wear (same quality as Better Bodies and Gasp) at a reasonable price.
We will start up with relatively low quantities (hundreds per garment),
but our aim is to grow as big as possible in this business. We have our own brands.
The brand of men’s wear is ”XXXXX”. Ladies brand is to be decided.
We would be pleased to tell you more and start cooperation with you.
Yours Sincerely,