Fine Furniture wooden frames import inquiry from Moldova

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Moldova’da döşemelik kumaşlar üretmekte olan bir firma yeni başlayacakları ev mobilyası üretiminde kullanılmak üzere ahşap koltuk iskeletleri ithal etmek istediklerini belirterek kendileri için üretim yapabilecek Türk firmalar aramaktadır.
Fine Furniture wooden frames import inquiry from Moldova
Dear Sirs.
We are the company situated in Moldova and we are the biggest upholstery fabric manufacturer in our region. 
Now  we are planning to start a new production line where fine furniture will be assembled
so we are searching for a reliable manufacturer which is able to supply fine furniture wooden frames.
So we are interested in the frames in Versailles or Antique style, golden or silver leaf French.
We are interested in the set of the following pieces: Chair, Armchair, Sofa.
Please, let us know your minimal order quantity, production and delivery  terms.
Thank you in advance for your reply.