Electrical Installation Cables

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Hırvatistanlı müşteri Toplam 20 km bakır elektrik teli satın alacak

Electrical Installation Cables
I’m interested in buying cable for electrical installations.
  1. Type of goods:
– Type of the cable: NYM-J 3×2.5mm square (solid copper core)
– Package: Rolls with 100m cable length (one roll consist 100 meters long cable)
– Quantity: 200 rolls
  1. Shipping
Cables should be shipped to Croatia, country in Europe.
  1. Certificates
Do these cables have all necessary certificates and fulfill all the standards to be imported in European Union?
  1. Branding
Is it possible to add custom brand name on these cables? If not, what is minimum quantity to have custom branding?
  1. Summary
Can you please give me price and delivery options for 200 roles?
Kind regards