Dry nuts, seeds, fruits to export to Russia

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42 ülkede faaliyetleri olup Rusya’da da dağıtım ağı bulunan bir tüketim malzemeleri toptancısı şirket Türkiye’den kuruyemiş, kuru meyve ve şekerleme çeşitleri ile temizlik kağıtları, bisküviler, çikolatalar ve hububat çeşitleri de ithal etmek istediklerini beyan etmiştir.
Dry nuts, seeds, fruits to export to Russia
We have come across your company through our search on the internet,
we are members of a holding that operates in 42 countries with product supply list of 15000 item along with few world brand products that our holding represent in several countries such as Procter & Gamble (P&G), Nestle, Coca Cola, RC Cola, Pepsi and several more, for more details about us please do visit our website.
Recently we have expanded our operations to The Russian Federation and I am one of the Russian team based in Moscow in charge of all our imports to this market.
Our office is based in Moscow and we will buy the products through the Russian subsidiary. Going through your website, I have come across several of your products that might be of interest to us. With that in mind, I would appreciate if you could send me your FOB prices for these products:
1) Hazelnut
2) Pistachio
3) Walnuts
4) Almonds, Cashew and other nuts and seeds.
5) Dried fruits : apricots , raisins, sultanas, figs, plums, pineapples, sour cherry , mixed fruits, dates and other dried fruits.
We are also interested in paper products like toilet rolls, napkins etc.
Moreover, we buy various biscuits, chocolate and grains (lentils, buckwheat, oats, bulgur, couscous, rice, beans and another grains and cereals as well).
Moreover, I would appreciate if you could include freight rates separately to Novorossiysk and Saint Petersburg ports in Russia, in addition I would appreciate if you could also send us product logistics such AS packaging and loading quantities per container.
We are running out of time so it will be great to get the response from you as soon as possible.
At your disposal and waiting for your reply,
Kind Regards,