Sosyal Paylaşım:


Mısır’da yaşayan ancak Suudi Arabistanlı bir firma için çalışan bir müşteri kurutulmuş meyve çeşitleri ithal etmek istediklerini ve 100 kg’lık dökme miktar bazında fiyat teklifi talep ettiğini belirtmiştir.
I’m working at the queen company for foodstuffs and dried fruits in Saudi Arabia
we hope to import some products from you if you don’t mind and we will open an a credit for you to get your money
so could you please send for me an a  price list for your products
also if you have any conditions just tell me 
I hope to know the prices for this list please 
100Kg mango (without sugar)
100Kg pineapple (without sugar)
100Kg red peach  (without sugar)
100Kg strawberry (without sugar)
100Kg Kiwi (without sugar) 
and all the kinds of fruits that you have I hope to know the prices if I need 100Kg from each kind
Could you I mean I want you to send me the prices like this 100Kg mango= 2000 dollars
100kg Apple= 2500 dollars I want all the prices like this