Polonya, Dondurulmuş kuru kahve ithalat talebi

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Dondurulmuş kuru kahve ithalatı yapmak istiyoruz
Do you have the capabilities and capacities for freeze-dried for a coffee

Polonyalı bir firma vakumlu ambalajlarda dondurulmuş kuru kahve haftalık 7000 kg civarında ithal etmek istediklerini beyan etmiştir.
Good day
Do you have the capabilities and capacities?
Freeze-dried for a coffee.
We are looking for a price per kg of approximately 6 – to 6.5, – € / kg
Packaging: 20, 25, 28.kg. the vacuum bag, packed in a carton.
Other sizes are also possible
Size: about 7.2 tons per week, in a 20-foot container,
for export outside the EU
  It need not be a high-quality coffee, here it comes to the price
Give me your payment.
More We take care of in a personal conversation.
For further information: under 0048-696316368
We ask for a message even if it is negative
Yours sincerely,