Cotton fabrics for baby textiles needed in Georgia

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Gürcistan’da bebek uyku setleri, yatak tekstilleri vb ürünlerin üreticisi olan firma imalatlarında kullanmak üzere baskılı pamuklu kumaş çeşitleri ithal etmek istediklerini beyan etmiştir.
Cotton fabrics for baby textiles needed in Georgia
Dear Sir/Madame;
I’m addressing from Georgia, Tbilisi.
I have baby shop where I’m Selling baby bedding sets, sleeping bags, bedding accessorizes, sheets, quilts.
All products are sewed by us in Georgia.
I’m buying locally textile which are imported from Turkey.
I’m searching a good partner who can collaborate with me.
Would like to get baby textile fabrics as 100 % cottons as different materials with different prints on it.
If you have it in your assortment please let me know.
My company name is *****.
You can even check my products via facebook
Thanks in advance