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Katar’da mukim lider kozmetik ürünleri toptancısı bir firma her çeşit kozmetik ve saç bakım ürünleri konusunda Türkiye’den bayilik alabileceği tedarikçilerle görüşmek istediğini beyan etmiştir.
We are one of leader companies in Qatar in Cosmetic & Hair Care .
We are looking to be your distributer and solo agent for your company .
We have  a lot of distributions channels .
Also I am looking to distribute the products through two ways :
– B2B
– B2C
Please be informed that we are establishing new web site with new look because we start expanding our business in different fields like food supplement .
We distribute to the most of Big Hyper Markets and Pharmacies.
Now, Oatar Market welcome of Turkish products so I am interested to deal with Turkish Brands.
I will send you the attachment file of our Profile (that what we will put in our web site).
Also please find the attachment file of the CR of our company in Qatar. 
Also we are happy if you visit us in Qatar to see our company and Warehouse.
I believe that we can build big success story in QATAR Market.
Please send us your catalogue with price list to study and choose which we will start with!
**** trading :  is a partner with the expertise and integrity that leading companies rely on to bring their consumer brands to qatar/Founded in 2010                                                                                         
Vision :  **** is committed to remain the trusted partner and premier distributor for principals of major consumer brands within the state of qatar                                                                           
Mission :  to set world class standards in the consumer goods industry by providing adiverse range of high quality brands to satisfy consumers needs             and to introducing new product lines and enhancing the current product serices                                                                                        
Our diverse product portfolio includes over 3 world class brands entrusted to Black forest by global manufacturers such as :                                                                                            
Current Brands                                                                              
1             BrunoVassari     BrunoVassari – Spain      Spain                              Authorizd Distributor
2             Perfect Lorigine – UAE   UAE                       Exclusive Agency
3             Pure Derm         Adwin – korea   Korea                    Distributor
4             Dots      Dots -Egypt        Egypt                     Authorizd Distributor
Soon Brands                                                                                   
1             Several Brands B&V       Bela Rusia                        Authorizd Distributor
Later I will send you our CR in English .
Many Thanks and Waiting to your promote respond .
Waiting to your promote respond.