Sosyal Paylaşım:


Suudi Arabistanlı firma, toz kimyasal ürünlerin depolanması amacıyla silo sistemleri ve kimyasal ürünler ithal etmek istediğini belirterek verdikleri teknik özelliklere göre fiyat teklifi talep etmektedir.
Dear Sir.
Can you send us a complete information and price about a new silos system for the new factory arriving Jeddah port taking in consideration  the following suggestions :-
1-            We are thinking to make 11 silos ( 7×70 M3) + (4×125 M3).
2-            Our material to be stored in silos is as the following:-
  1. Two types of Titanium Dioxide 50 Tons per month each. Bulk density is 1.03    silo: 2×70 M3
  2. Calcium carbonate 450 mic, 240 tons per month. Bulk density is 1.54                silo: 1×125 M3
  3. Calcium carbonate 450 mic Riyadh, 55 tons per month. Bulk density is 1.54      silo: 1×70 M3
  4. Calcium carbonate 250 mic, 20 tons per month. Bulk density is 1.43                   silo: 1×70 M3
  5. Calcium carbonate 800 mic, 70 tons per month. Bulk density is 1.35                   silo: 1×70 M3
  6. Calcium carbonate 20 mic EJ2,157 tons per month. Bulk density is 0.90             silo: 1×125 M3
  7. Calcium carbonate 20 mic 2JL, 72 tons per month. Bulk density is 0.90               silo: 1×70 M3
  8.    Calcium carbonate 20 mic JCC2, 126 tons per month. Bulk density is 0.90          silo: 1×125 M3
  9. Calcium carbonate 20 mic Ascom, 140 tons per month. Bulk density is 0.90        silo: 1×125 M3
  10. Al silicate, 17 tons per month. Bulk density is 0.90                                                  silo: 1×70 M3
3-            The system is fully automatic
4-            The  system include  the silos, dedusting filters and pressure valves, roto flow system, throttle valves,
helix carriers, balancing bunkers, transfer system, transfer lines around 400 M, gate valves for the lines,
pneumatic transfer filters, and the system to transfer the powders from trailer or jumbo bags to silos.
This is our imaginations, I am sure you have better systems.
5-            CIF Jeddah.