Carton Boxes – Malta

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Malta’da makarna sosları ve meze çeşitleri üreticisi bir firma 4 farklı ölçüde karton kutu ambalajlar ürettirmek istediğini belirterek Türk tedarikçiler aramaktadır.
Carton Boxes – Malta
Hi we are a  European food Manufacturer Based in Malta..
We are interested in a quote for 4 difference sizes Corrugated Boxes ..
Can we have same information what you need for a Quote please..
**** Manufacturing Ltd  is a Maltese Food Manufacturing company. 
Produces a range of delectable pasta sauces, patés and pastes from the simplest to the most refined, ready in an instant.
To make its ready-made recipes Josefa uses specially selected genuine ingredients to assure  the very best results for each product.
Amongst the products are the genuine Pesto Sauce, Red Pesto Sauce, Mushroom Sauce and Amatriciana Sauce.