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İran’da mukim sağlık ürünleri, kozmetik ve gıda ürünleri toptancısı büyük bir firma yakı bantları konusunda halihazırda Çin’den ithalat yaptığını ama daha kaliteli ürünler ve rekabetçi fiyatlarla mal alabileceği yeni tedarikçiler aradıklarını, bu sebeple Türkiye’deki tedarikçi firmalardan konteynır bazında sipariş için fiyat teklileri talep ettiklerini beyan etmiştir.
Dear Sir/Madam,
We are a reputable importer, manufacturer and distributor in Iran with over 150 employees
and almost two decades of experience which imports over 100 healthcare, cosmetic and food products (covering 600 SKU’s) from around the world
and 46 ODM brands and produces 6 products (such as air-freshsner sprays, energy drinks, deodorizer block etc).
We have our own well-established direct and indirect distribution system with around 200 sales and promotion agents throughout Iranian provinces.
**** is among the market leaders for for some of its products such as spray and gel air-fresheners, razors and toothbrush.
Since we have been importing capsicum plaster from China and now we want to replace it
so we are seeking another supplier with higher quality and competitive price.
So please kindly present your company, all products and quote us based on Fob 40 HQ container.
We hope that this would be the start of a long-lasting and profitable business collaboration for both of us.
Your prompt reply is highly rewarded.