Bread Production Lines Required to Set up in Romania

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Romanya’da mukim olup günlük 1.3 milyon ekmek üretim kapasitesine sahip büyük bir iştirak üretim hatlarının modernizasyonu ve yenilenmesi için Türkiye’den ekmek üretim makineleri imalatçıları ile irtibat kurmak istemektedir.

Bread production lines required to set up in Romania


Dear Mr./ Mrs,
**** (www.****.ro) is the largest bread producer in Romania and probably one of the largest in Europe producing daily over 400 tons of fresh bread in 12 locations (1.3 million pcs/day).
We are owned by **** Capital (www.****.com), a US based fund specialized in investments in Eastern Europe and former CIS countries.
We are in the process of conceiving our technological development strategy for the next 3-5 years and our current focus (for the next 6-12 months) is the acquisition of 4 production lines.
We estimate that our orders will cover up to 10 lines during the next 3 years.
Considering the fact that each of these production lines is equipped with flour storage and dosage system/make-up line/baking line/cooling spiral/packaging machines,
please let us know if (1) you are interested in a long term collaboration with us and if (2) you have the technological capabilities that meet our needs.
Please send us the suitable catalogue and a preliminary offer for the flour storage and dosage system/make-up line/baking line/cooling spiral/packaging machines.
Based on the received offers we will prepare a short list of 3-4 producers with whom we will further negotiate.
Best regards