Blankets, towels – USA

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Amerikalı bir müşteri battaniye ve havlu çeşitleri ithal etmek istediğini belirterek Türk tedsarikçiler aramaktadır.
Blankets, towels – USA
We are looking for a few manufacturers of:
  1. Blankets
  2. Beach towels
  3. Room Organization
  4. baby products
  1. Baby milestone blanket.
I’ve attached a photo of our mockup of the blanket.
Fabric: 250 GSM Fleece Fabric
Size: 101 x 127 cm
Quantity: 350 first order to test quality
Packaging: Tied with a ribbon and an insert card – see attached.
  1. Microfiber Beach Towel
Fabric: Microfiber – Waffle Fabric
80 x 160 cm
86 x 187 cm
Quantity: 500
Color: double sided with multiple colors on one side, geometric pattern on the other.
Packaging: mesh bag with drawstring
Do you have experience with Amazon FBA sellers?
Can you please help us find good manufacturers to work with? We typically use Alibaba, but would like to find another market.