BiodeGradable Bags Price Request from Georgia

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Gürcistan’dan irtibata geçen bir müşteri farklı ebatlarda doğada çözünebilir çevreci plastik çantalar ithal etmek istediklerini belirterek üreticilerden fiyat teklifleri beklemektedir.
Biodegradable Bags Price request from Georgia
I wonder if you can provide us 15 micron bags  for fruits and vegetables.
According to the new regulations, the minimum amount of microns is 15.
You should also be able to submit the relevant document as a certificate that will confirm compliance with the quality of the bags.
The park should also be listed as a small information:
  1. The manufacturer of the plastic park.
  2. The thickness of the plastic park.
  3. The composition of the plastic park.
For the user to see the origin of the park.
Write how many pieces the park is in a single roll. One piece of park weight and rollover price.
Please Be informed that from 1st of October it’s prohibited to use plastic bags under the 15 microns. According the fact that we are using biodegradable plastic bags with 35 microns, that’s why we need this certificates very urgently as a document.
In case we will have  business relationship, you should make small inscription for each biodegradable plastic bags:
  1. Biodegradable plastic bag.
  2. Density of biodegradable plastic bag.
  3. Ingredients of Biodegradable plastic bags.
  4. Supplier detailed information ( name, location, contact info, etc.)
It must be visible for customer and easy for understanding.
We are using:
Big bag size: 50×60 cm double layer,  35 microns.
Small bag size: 40×45 cm  double layer, 35 microns.
During the dispatching process cargo must be unloaded  accompanied by a document, confirming compliance with the standards of the European Committee EN 13432:2000 .
Thanks in advance for your support and looking forward to your promptly response.
I am waiting for you to get an immediate response because from October 1, the change comes into force.