Big bags for sand – import request – Palestine

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filistin torba

Filistin firması big bag torba konteyner bazında düzenli olarak ithal etmek istiyor.
Big bags for sand – import request – Palestine
are interested in your products and doing business with your company. Our Company specializes in marketing.  Please have a salesman contact us as soon as possible.
We are currently interested in big bags for sand with the following details…
57x57x80 cm           and carries about 600kg.
 What is the best FOB price available for the quantity of a 20/40 ft. full container?
 Also, what’s the best price for a big bag with and without our company name printed on it?
Finally, can you check for Israel Ashdod port price?
To begin with. We would like to purchase a 20 ft container to try out your product. If all goes well and the product sells well. we will then order a 40 ft. Container every 2 months.