Sosyal Paylaşım:


Ukrayna’da alüminyum ve PVC kapı ve pencere sistemleri imalat ve satış yapmakta olan firma Türkiye’den üretici firmalardan düzenli olarak ürün ithal etmek istemektedir.
My name is Valentina ****, I am a company representative “*****”.
Company “*****” is one of the main leaders of the Ukrainian market for the manufacture of metal-plastic energy-efficient windows.
Successfully working since 2001 as a national manufacturer, we have established a branch and dealer network, serving all regions of Ukraine.
Proprietary network includes 145 salons that operate under the brand “*****”.
We are planning to enter these groups of products under our brand, as window, door and facade systems of aluminum, and consider a Turkish factory as a potential provider. Could you send to us commercial proposal for such products:
1. Facade systems;
2. Window and door systems;
3. Sliding systems.
The volume of the first order – 20/40 ft container.
Besides please specify the terms of cooperation, the timing of production and catalogs in electronic form.
Yours faithfully