20 lt Termos çeşitleri

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20 lt Termos çeşitleri ithal etmek istiyoruz
We are looking thermos bottles FOB Price Thermos bottles
Ürdünlü bir firma 20 lt hacimli plastik termos 60.000 ad miktara kadar ithal etmek istemektedir.
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We are looking for below item FOB Price
Thermos bottles
  1. Capacity: 20 litres net
  2. Handles: One strong, integral carrying handle
  3. Cap: Top open cap type
  4. Tap: One long life push tap
  5. Isolation: Moulded polystyrene
  6. Weight (unit): Min 1650 grams ±20 grams (including the weight of cap)
  7. Material: New food grade HDPE
  8. Wall thickness: 18 mm ±1mm
  9. Temperature: Operating range -10 to+50 degrees C°
Potential Quantity: 10’000pcs – 60’000 pcs