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Domates salçası almak istiyorum
I am looking for Cannedd foods like peeled tomatoa , tomato paste
Maldivler’den yazan bir firma domates salçacı ve konserve domates almak istediğini beyanla acilen tedarikçiler aradığını deklare etmiştir.
Greetings from XXXXXX Maldives Pvt Ltd in Republic of Maldives.
Hope you know my country. I am looking for Canned foods like peeled tomatoa, tomato paste etc..
Can you please let me have you best offer CIF rates with brands up to Male’ / Republic of Maldives.
Every  two month I will make one container 20ft ,if your prices are good.
And also I need your company details and items that you are dealing with .


Please reply me urgently.

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