Yunanistan, Şekerleme ambalaj malzemeleri ithalat talebi

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Şekerleme ambalaj malzemeleri ithal etmek istiyoruz
We are looking for CPET packaging material for confectionary products
Yunanistan’da şekerleme üretimi yapan bir firma imalatlarında kullanmak üzere yıllık 30.000 ad miktarda CPET ambalaj malzemesi ithal etmek istediklerinden bahisle verilen teknik detaylara göre fiyat teklifi beklediklerini beyan etmiştir.
Dear Sir,
We are a manufacturer of confectionary products.
Our facilities are at Thessaloniki Greece industrial area.
We consume annually 30.000 pcs and our most demanding months are November and December.
For our needs we are looking for something similar to the following:
Description: Rectangular
Material: CPET
Colour: Black
Technical Data:
External Measurements Length: 380 mm
Width: 280 mm
Depth: 50 mm
Weight / Thickness 109.0 gr. 750 mic.
Tolerance Dimensions: ± 1 mm
Weight / Thickness ± 5%
Brimful Volume 4000 cc.
Temperature Range – 40 °C to +220 °C
Food contact approval:
All raw materials and additives are certified by the proper health authorities such as the FDA Regulation & EEC Directives.
Final products:
Migration tests performed on articles made from above materials, comply with the EEC requirements.
Quality System:
Qualified for: ISO 9001:2000 standard
ISO 14001
OHSAS 18001
Could you produce such a product to supply it to us?