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Polis teşkilatı için yazlık ve kışlık çoraplar alınacaktır
Kuwait issued tender for Police Socks and as we are participating in this tender
Kuveyt’ten yazan bir firma polis teşkilatının yazlık ve kışlık çorap alım ihalesine katılacağını ve bu konuda acilen Türkiye’den üreticiler aradığını, bu üreticilerden numune bedeli ve nakliye masrafı alıcı tarafından ödenmek kaydıyla numunelere de ihtiyacı olduğun, ayrıca sürenin daraldığından bahisle ilgilenenlerin acilen kendileriyle iletişime geçmelerini beklediğini ifade etmektedir.
Dear Sir
MOI / Kuwait issued tender for Police Socks and as we are participating in this tender and as you one of the Turkish socks manufacturer
Please email and quote your best prices CIF or CNF Kuwait and if possible if you can email
Test Certificate to submit it with our bid
The closing Date of the tender 22 June 2014 but your quotation and samples must arrive Kuwait before 19 June 2014
Also please send 6 pairs from the summer socks and 6 pairs from the winter socks for test quality by TNT, DHL or FedEx this is our TNT Account No. 000105444
we will pay the courier charges but you have to inform us before sending to book or you can send and we will transfer all charges by WESTERN UNION or Bank transaction
The specifications an BOQ as below
Also our full address down end of the message SOCKS FOR POLICE FORCE SUMMER AND WINTER SOCKS
1) Item 15 Black Summer Socks 60100 pair
2) Item 16 Black winter socks 60100 pair
– Summer Socks 60% cotton 35% polyester.
– Winter Socks 80% cotton 20% polyester of the socks.
– Both socks, the upper top a belt made of strong and high quality nylon, do not effected with tension.
– Specifically designed to more and preserve the integrity of the foot under the extreme conditions, training and combat missions.
1. Characterized by flexibility endurance and durability.
2. Thick heels in order to bear the highest and strongest shocks.
3. To protect the foot from abrasions and the pressure of the shoe.
4. The main purpose intended to comfort the foot.
5. In the upper part (at the top of the socks) are stretchable fibers.
The Laboratory Specifications for item 15-16
Test Type Allowable Limits
1. Corrosion 50,000 cycle (rpm)
2. Firming Dimensions 60% Supreme Limit (Maximum) With washing.
3. The resistance degree to change in the fabric.
1) Washing (Laundry ) 4
2) The Dry Friction. 4
3) The Wet Friction. 3