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İngiltere’de süpermarketlere, restoranlara gıda ürünleri ve paralel yan ürünlerin tedariğini yapmakta olan bir firma Türkiye’den gıda ve ambalaj malzemeleri düzenli olarak ithal etmek istediklerini beyan etmiştir.
XXXXX LTD. located in Essex and has own cold rooms and ware houses with wide-ranging products for markets
such as packaging, catering products and servicing catering industry, wholesalers, cash & carries and supermarket chains.
XXXXX always aim to present best products for market requirements and makes differences
such as increasing quality standard and sales volume by innovative, creative and appropriate products.
We are looking for following items as;
pickle, dry fig, dry apricot, dry plum, tomato paste, tomato sauce, Turkish coffee, Turkish delight, salep,
halva, chesnut sweet, nuts, wrapping paper, paper bags, food containers, disposal items, plastic knifes, forks, spoon